Garlic in Your Food for Health

The link between food and health is often forgotten and the wonderful part about adding garlic to your food is it is so flavorful you forget it has preventative disease and medicinal More »

Calcium Supplements and Health Drinks

Maintaining proper pH balance is confusing, but adding calcium supplements and health drinks to your diet is a smart way of simplifying the issue. It is extremely challenging for even the most More »

Food and Health

Food is necessary for life. When we have not had food for six or seven hours we feel very hungry and we have no strength or energy to do anything and we More »

Worst Foods To Health

As people’s lives get busier, concerns about food and health get put in the back burner. People would rather have food that is fast to prepare, appealing and delicious, and don’t think More »

Food and Health

Ingredients must of course be of the best quality: we do not use canned food, pre-packed food or frozen food, we only buy fresh food that we can prepare ourselves, and if More »

Food and Health

Food is necessary for life. When we have not had food for six or seven hours we feel very hungry and we have no strength or energy to do anything and we feel miserable. If we do not have food for a long time we can die of starvation. Our health and fitness of the body depends not only on the amount of food we eat, but also on the kind of food we eat. A big built person needs more food than a small built or anyone doing hard, active work will need more food than a clerk or someone doing a desk job. School girls and boys also need more food than their mother or older relatives because they are growing.

The body is like an engine that needs fuel to keep it going. The fuel needed is food, which is required for different purposes so that the body will be able to keep fit and strong. Food can therefore be divided into three classes according to their work.

The classes of food are:

1. Body building

Food And Health Choices

When faced with this question we all automatically and emphatically answer “Yes”! We love our children, right, so of course we are all making the right choices to provide them with the healthiest life they can have, aren’t we? But if we think about it carefully, are we really?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I regularly give my child fast food or takeaway food?
  • Do I rarely give my child meals that are fresh and cooked from scratch? So no pre-packaged foods like fish fingers or tinned foods.
  • Do I give my child sugary food or drinks most days? This includes ‘fruit straps’, ‘muesli bars’ and poppers.
  • Do I give my child dairy desserts (ice cream, etc.), grain desserts (cookies, cake, doughnuts, etc.) or whole milk most days?
  • Do I give my child the same food every day for breakfast, lunch or dinner?
  • Does my child often see me eating unhealthy foods?
  • Does my child eat alone or at a separate time from me?
  • Does my child hear me talk about dieting because I want to lose a few kilos?
  • Do I give my child antibiotics immediately when they are sick rather than waiting to

Between Food and Health

The relationship between food and well being has been precisely established in recent years with the progress of newer fields of science such as molecular biology, biochemistry, along with genetics. Results obtained from medical investigation suggest that nourishing food combined with an adequate quantity of physical exercise boosts the immune system as part of a wholesome lifestyle.

A Beneficial Diet program Rich in Nutrients and Minerals

A diet rich in vitamins, minerals, as well as micro-nutrients decrease the threat of becoming afflicted with various types of illnesses such as elevated blood pressure, hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, as well as osteoarthritis. It in addition reduces the danger of certain kinds of cancers such as uterine cancers, cancer of the gall bladder, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, as well as colon cancer in females. In males, the chances of colon cancers, prostate cancers, and cancers of the rectum are reduced. This theory is, however, not applicable on every person since inherited conditions are as well responsible for the growth of cancer cells in the human body.

The best method to establish the link between food and health is to follow

Garlic in Your Food for Health

The link between food and health is often forgotten and the wonderful part about adding garlic to your food is it is so flavorful you forget it has preventative disease and medicinal healing properties.

Garlic is one of the best sources of selenium, a nutrient noted by cancer researchers for its powerful antioxidant properties. From curing colds, and fighting cholesterol to cleansing toxins from your body; is it any wonder it is considered a miracle food? To learn more about it’s medicinal properties I recommend reading, Garlic the Miracle Food by Dr. Pavlov.

Add Garlic to your food everyday – yes every day. Sound like a lot? You won’t think so once you discover a few favorite recipes. With these tips and ideas you will find yourself roasting garlic, adding it to cooked and non-cooked meals and yikes, even eating it raw!

Worried about smelling of garlic? Although people who eat garlic on a regular basis do not reek of it, after a meal of eating it raw you will have garlic breath. To relieve garlic breath, chew on a sprig of parsley. If you are worried, stick to cooked garlic or garlic capsules.

Over the years I’ve discovered a variety

Calcium Supplements and Health Drinks

Maintaining proper pH balance is confusing, but adding calcium supplements and health drinks to your diet is a smart way of simplifying the issue. It is extremely challenging for even the most health conscious person to reach the recommended proportion of alkaline foods to acid forming foods each day. That recommended ratio is 80% alkaline to 20% acid. While most of us eat plenty of acid forming foods without even trying, it takes some conscious effort to consume more alkaline forming foods.

Take a good look at your own diet and you will see that proper pH balance is not easy to accomplish without some help. Understand that we are talking about the acidity or alkalinity of your blood when discussing pH balance. Things like:

  • Coffee, sodas, alcohol, chocolate, white and wheat flour, cheese, meats, rice and beans are common acid forming foods.
  • Alkaline foods are more likely to be fresh fruits and vegetables.

As we all know, most people don’t stick to a diet of 80% alkaline foods, so let’s take a look at how calcium supplements and health drinks can assist. First, it is imperative to understand that the best sources of calcium come

Worst Foods To Health

As people’s lives get busier, concerns about food and health get put in the back burner. People would rather have food that is fast to prepare, appealing and delicious, and don’t think about how these foods may affect their health. However, keeping your diet healthy is not all that difficult. Even if you can’t do without certain foods in your life, at least stay away from these top ten worst foods to eat as much as possible.

1. Processed Food – Although they’re extremely easy to prepare and convenient, these babies are loaded with preservatives, which can increase a person’s likelihood of having cancer. A diet of processed foods will give you loads of salt and fats, but none of the nutrients that your body really needs.

2. Frozen Dinners – When you go home at night, the last thing you’d want to do is to cook a meal. Most people settle for microwaving frozen dinners as it’s both cheaper and easier. These dinners are filled with artificial flavorings and preservatives so they can last longer in your fridge. They are also low in nutrients, and high in calories.

3. Potato Chips – People think that munching on

Food and Health

Ingredients must of course be of the best quality: we do not use canned food, pre-packed food or frozen food, we only buy fresh food that we can prepare ourselves, and if possible organic or at least pesticide free.

This way we wont burden our liver, as the liver is the main organ for detox, and we know, our liver does already do a lot of overtime.

But the 2 best ingredients are creativity and experience, so we should experiment a lot:

if you are not an experienced or trained cook, start with simple things that cannot go wrong (pickling the traditional way is a good example, try the pumpkin pickles recipe on my web site, just delicious),

I often see cooking programs on TV and then change the ingredients that I do not like (meat, diary, eggs, sugar, MSG) with products that I like, and of course it will not always work the way I planned, but with every mistake I make, I learn a valuable lesson.

For the last 33 years, food is been my only medicine and when a doctor looks at my live blood analysis, he always agrees that

Addiction To Food And Your Health

When things like addiction to food and health are brought up, most people simply work with concepts like healthy eating habits and exercise, but often, it goes beyond that.

Food addiction is a serious issue that merits discussion in its own right. It is a problem that affects not only the person who has it, but also their friends and family.

Essentially, the problem of food addiction is one that combines a food craving with a food allergy. When a person has this condition, they are drawn to a certain food and when they are unable to have it, they experience symptoms that are not unlike withdrawal.

Food addiction can be indicated by a number of different things. One of the most notable symptoms of having a food addiction is having a constant craving for a certain type of food and no matter how often that food is consumed, always wanting more.

Whether the food is ice cream or potatoes, the food addiction results in a craving that turns out to be quite harmful. This disorder affects an estimated one-third of Americans, and is coming to be seen as the pervasive, damaging issue that

Fast Food and Health Care Taxes

Did you know that 30% of all franchised outlets in 1977 were food franchises? That’s interesting that one-third of all franchises in the United States are food related, and a good many of them are fast food. Why fast food you ask? It’s simple, we live in a fast paced society with cars and roads, and people get hungry along the way and want to stop and get something to eat really quick, and then move on.

Not long ago, the state of New York wanted to pass a tax on all fast food, because of the health risks, and the increase of obesity factor that these QSRs (quick service restaurants) supposedly caused, which will inevitably drive up health care costs if everyone gets diabetes. The United States Congress liked this rule, and they are proposing regulations and taxation’s on fast food restaurants as well.

This will severely hurt the franchising industry, and there are more than 250,000 fast food restaurants in the United States. Each one of them probably hires between 20 and 25 people on average. Are you beginning to see the economic impact that such a rule could have? Now some say that

A Great Food Culture

Indian food is now one of the popular terms among the food lovers all over the world. It bears Indian cultural and historical heritage, religious beliefs, fragrance of numerous cooking ingredients.

In India, every region has its own cuisines that are different in taste, aroma as well as ingredients. So, she provides a potential opportunity to food lovers to test divers food items.

Already Indian cuisines gained much popularity in the West for its excellent combination of taste, health value and fresh ingredients. We know tropical region is rich in herb and spice diversity which has great food and medicinal values. Use of these herbs gives uniqueness to Asian foods especially Indian and Chinese foods.

Most of the Indian dishes are dominated by vegetables, whole grain, lentils as well as legume. Meat is also used as side dish. These ingredients contain micro-nutrients, vitamins and legume fiber.

Health values of Indian foods largely dependent on cooking methods. Deep fried curry provides more calories or energy than stir fried or baked one. For example, Panjabi food often involves frying the onions, garlic, ginger, spices etc, with pure butter, oil or clarified (ghee). So, these foods are

The Battle Between Junk Food And Health

So what is junk food anyway?

According to the definition, any food item that has low nutritive value as per the Food Standards Academy and deemed unhealthy by the non-eaters is termed as Junk Food. The term was coined by the Center for Science director, Michael Jacobson, in 1972. Since then, the term has been commonly used.

Basically, the most common components of “junk food” are fats, sugars and all things that make you fat and do not contain proteins or vitamins or fibers for that matter, so here label reading is definitely a must. I get a real kick when the promoters in the supermarkets go ‘disappeared’ whenever they see me reading the labels.

Then why is junk food so popular and why are there rows and rows of them in the supermarkets? Even sometimes I couldn’t resist it, what with all those eye-catching packaging….so do watch out for the so-called ‘good buys’. Its a deafening no-no of course!

#1. The taste is impeccable, as nothing beats it. Although, the non-junk-food is nutritive but it may necessarily not stir your sense of taste however, the “junk food” is bound to instigate euphoria.

The Real Story Of Food And Health

“A wise man ought to realize that health is his most valuable possession and learn to treat his illnesses by his own judgment.” – Hippocrates

Often it is argued, “I would rather enjoy my life and eat what I want rather than live a few years longer.” This overlooks two significant issues. First is the negative impact that chronic conditions have on your quality of life. Living one year longer might not matter (now), but living a decade with Alzheimer’s disease or a lifetime with poor health will matter. Secondly, health not only increases your physical ability, but also your mental aptitude and outlook. People are designed to live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives. If we are not doing so, it is often because we have dietary and physical constraints outside of the natural state for humans.

Society today often makes the mistake of acting as if all dietary knowledge has been discovered. In order to achieve optimal health, it is vital to escape this mindset. Remember that only 100 years ago, we did not even know what vitamins were, and many “doctors” advised that vegetables should only be eaten people who couldn’t afford higher caloric

The Best High Fiber Foods and Health Drinks

While consuming fruits, vegetables and water every day is important, superior fitness can be achieved with high fiber foods and health drinks not found in stores. Even if you can digest the recommended 25-35 grams of fiber in food and 8-10 glasses of water every day, you may not be getting the best nutrition available. Most people find this prospect hard to swallow, and give up quickly on ever reaching perfect health and fitness. It takes too much time, effort and energy to buy, prepare, and devour that much produce, and who can guzzle that much water every day without craving some flavor?

The good news is that there are now some very beneficial high fiber foods and health drinks, which are concentrated, so that small amounts help you reach those power numbers. You won’t find these concentrated nutrients on the shelves at your local grocery store, and certainly not in the refrigerator section of the convenience store. We’re not talking about so-called “enhanced vitamin water” beverages that are filled with fructose and isolated vitamins, or energy drinks boosted with caffeine and sugar. Instead, we are referring to naturally produced health drinks made from real whole food

Alkaline Foods and Health Drinks

Bouncing back from a cold by consuming more alkaline foods and health drinks can give you an energetic fresh start. This year’s cold and flu season seems to be hitting harder than usual. The good news is that when it’s over, your body is cleaner, leaner and should function better, assuming you don’t start piling in the junk again. Here is a good way to get back your energy and create better health than you had before the cold hit.

First, let the cold run its course. It is really your body’s way of eliminating toxins that have built up over time. Don’t try to stifle the runny nose and coughs with antihistamines or other drugs that only delay the inevitable. If you slow the process down, then you are only prolonging the pain, and you may not get the full benefit of a natural cleanse. In my experience, a good, cleansing cold lasts about 7-10 days. Think of it as a natural cleanse. Then, get more out of the recovery with alkaline foods and natural health drinks.

When you feel like the cold is starting to disappear, you will probably feel that it is time

Sunrider Health Foods and Health

Sunrider International is a company that has taken the concept of health foods and health drinks to an entirely new level. They work to combine the best of both science and nature in order to develop health foods and drinks that really pack the biggest nutritional punch. Their products are concentrated and surpass the nutritional value of what you find in the supermarket-even the organic section!

Sunrider has been making their health food and health drinks right here in the United States since 1982, and many of those products have won a variety of awards. The company itself was even recognized as the Business of the Year by the City of Los Angeles, Harbor City/Harbor Gateway Chamber of Commerce in 2008. Sunrider International is guided by Drs. Tei-Fu Chen and Oi-Len Chen, who work with a team of scientists to create their life-altering projects. From the research phase, through development, and even into manufacturing, this team oversees the process to ensure the highest quality results.

The Sunrider Difference

Sunrider products are able to surpass the nutritional quality of other foods for multiple reasons. First of all, the health foods and health drinks developed use concentrated

Is It A Good Place To Find All Natural Foods and Health Drinks

The holiday season was over and people were making their healthy new years resolutions when I decided it was safe to make a trip to the mall. It was easy to find a parking space right in front of what seemed to be the biggest health food store on Earth.

With some time to kill while the wife shopped for exercise clothes, I started reading a few ingredient labels to see what was really in all those flashy looking, low carb food formulas, protein blasters and so-called health drinks. OK, so that sounds really boring, but let me tell you it was an eye opening experience. It really helped me appreciate the all natural foods and health drinks at my online health food store. Maybe this little trip to the big health food store at the mall will help you avoid some of the ingredients that are anything but all natural, or healthy, in many of the foods and drinks being sold there.

The first thing I noticed is that this big health food store at the mall really loves to sell those enhanced vitamin water drinks. The brightly colored bottles were stacked high, enticing shoppers

Alkaline Foods and Health Drinks

When searching for health drinks, all natural foods or hard to find alkaline foods it just doesn’t pay to shop in traditional stores any longer. Famous actors, world-class athletes, and millions of other healthy people around the world use superior products that you simply can’t find in the usual places. This is their secret to perfect health, and when you read this you will know the secret, too.

Health is Wealth Many of us baby boomers now realize that we have to take care of our bodies for financial reasons and to enjoy a long, healthy life. When you focus on better habits, eating all natural foods, guzzling health drinks instead of sodas, or researching things like alkaline foods, the advantages are profound. Among the benefits are that we get to keep our youthful hearts and minds for as long as possible.

When you take control of your health and fitness you make conscious choices that really do improve your overall well being.

  • Your self-esteem grows each time you give your body the most nutritious alkaline foods or health drinks.
  • You wake up with a smile, feeling alive, alert, awake and enthusiastic.
  • You find the energy to exercise.
  • Your joints,