A Great Food Culture

Indian food is now one of the popular terms among the food lovers all over the world. It bears Indian cultural and historical heritage, religious beliefs, fragrance of numerous cooking ingredients.

In India, every region has its own cuisines that are different in taste, aroma as well as ingredients. So, she provides a potential opportunity to food lovers to test divers food items.

Already Indian cuisines gained much popularity in the West for its excellent combination of taste, health value and fresh ingredients. We know tropical region is rich in herb and spice diversity which has great food and medicinal values. Use of these herbs gives uniqueness to Asian foods especially Indian and Chinese foods.

Most of the Indian dishes are dominated by vegetables, whole grain, lentils as well as legume. Meat is also used as side dish. These ingredients contain micro-nutrients, vitamins and legume fiber.

Health values of Indian foods largely dependent on cooking methods. Deep fried curry provides more calories or energy than stir fried or baked one. For example, Panjabi food often involves frying the onions, garlic, ginger, spices etc, with pure butter, oil or clarified (ghee). So, these foods are rich in calories but lack in nutritional value.

Reheating and over-cooking are also responsible for the loss of nutrition of Indian dishes because vitamins and minerals leach out in this process. Indian desserts are rich in protein and iron as they are prepared with fruits, lentil, whole grains along with yogurt. High sugar and fat containing desserts are also available. However, by following some tips it is possible to make testy Indian curry with low fat and high nutritional value.

Regular intake of spices in Indian diets is helpful to protect cancer. According to scientific research, capsaicin present in spice is an important element for fighting against different types of cancer. Similarly, turmeric is beneficial for healthy skin and arthritis. Moreover, garlic also prevents heart diseases. Ginger has anti-coagulant power and cinnamon maintains low blood sugar. Presence of fibers in Indian dishes reduces the cholesterol level and improves heart conditions.

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