Food and Health

Ingredients must of course be of the best quality: we do not use canned food, pre-packed food or frozen food, we only buy fresh food that we can prepare ourselves, and if possible organic or at least pesticide free.

This way we wont burden our liver, as the liver is the main organ for detox, and we know, our liver does already do a lot of overtime.

But the 2 best ingredients are creativity and experience, so we should experiment a lot:

if you are not an experienced or trained cook, start with simple things that cannot go wrong (pickling the traditional way is a good example, try the pumpkin pickles recipe on my web site, just delicious),

I often see cooking programs on TV and then change the ingredients that I do not like (meat, diary, eggs, sugar, MSG) with products that I like, and of course it will not always work the way I planned, but with every mistake I make, I learn a valuable lesson.

For the last 33 years, food is been my only medicine and when a doctor looks at my live blood analysis, he always agrees that I am much younger than my age; this means I eat following the order of the Universe and I am living The Great Life.

When I was young I had a weak constitution ( way too much sugar), I had epilepsy and was frequently ill, but I changed my life style at 22 and since then I an healthy and happy, I do not depend on doctors and drugs anymore, in other words, I am my own doctor and this gives me a fantastic feeling of freedom.

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