Processed Foods And Health

Processed foods and health are inextricably linked. Do you know the dangers of processed food? I’m talking about any food that is not raw i.e. it has been cooked or had additives put in it or had some other kind of “preparation” done to it.

You know, you can still lose weight even if you eat 100% processed foods. That’s due to the calorie equation.

The Calorie Equation

So long as you eat less than what you burn, you will lose weight. It is as simple as that but making sure that you do is not so simple, of course.

So in theory you can eat nothing but processed foods. Hell, you could eat nothing but McDonald’s and still lose weight.

Glycaemic Index

The first problem with these foods is the glycaemic index. Food manufacturers are not dumb. They want you to come back, again and again, and keep buying their stuff almost as if it were some kind of drug.

So they make sure that it delivers an instant hit, close to that of pure sugar. They give you only the most refined food to give you all the “best bits”. No wonder processed foods “taste so good”.


Of course, they also add a ton of things that are simply not needed. All those strange additive names and you wonder why these are needed at all?

OK, some are needed to preserve the food but a lot are there just to make you think you enjoy the food more and go back and buy it more often. This makes processed foods a vicious circle – you just keep eating more and more until they make up nearly all of your diet and they appear to be difficult to “give up”.

Saturated Fats

Wonder why heart disease is such a major problem?

If you take smoking out of the equation then the other major cause is our diet. If you cook all your food from raw ingredients or eat it raw then you don’t have a problem.

But processed foods are loaded with trans fats and other killer ingredients such as acrylamide which is known to cause cancer.

What Should You Do?

Look, you don’t have to ditch processed foods entirely. That’s next to impossible anyway.

But you need to cut down on your processed foods and increase the amount of raw or unprocessed foods in your diet. Trust me, you’ll live a longer, healthier and more satisfying life if you do.

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